i desire to live in a world where we all move from being breadWINNERS to breadMAKERS! you are invited to learn how to make delicious, everyday bread through my breadmaking instruction endeavor, Lisaruth’s Lovin’ From the Oven. i started with kitchen experimentation using a no-knead bread recipe in San Francisco in 2008.  i began keeping my household in bread, giving some away by bicycle delivery, and bartering loaves for goods and services.  inspired by the SF Diggers‘ notion of FREE, […]

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STRIPES: Collages from The 100 Day Project October 3 – 16, 2015 as a showcase of my paper, textile, and book works, you’ll find collage and assemblage, weaving and other textile projects, hand bound and hand covered books (coming soon!), as well as murals i’ve assisted with or managed and work i’ve helped other artists with. a global wanderer, i find beauty in the textures and patterns around me, and look to what is discarded on my journeys and along […]

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"River Time" Mosaic Project


in september 2012 i designed, co-led, and co-created a community mural making as part of a community land project at Yuba Libre in the sierra foothills. the building we installed the mosaic on is a strawbale structure on a stone foundation. see Mosaic Making for more information on the project.

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Fritz Haeg's Domestic Integrities rug

I started a new project today, or rather, I picked up the threads of a project I first seriously took on in October 2009. I’m weaving at the Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive. Quick history: Over 4 years ago I bought a plywood laser cut backstrap loom from Travis Meinolf, aka Action Weaver. Having seen his weaving projects, I had mostly been inspired by his approach to craftmaking as an alternative to high art and capitalism. I got a chance […]

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